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"Relax, rest"

    “ Después de un buen desayuno,  adéntrate en el bosque a la orilla del río  y begins to walk along a simple route...; You will arrive at the Sanctuary where you can experience all the magic and mystery of this place. You can also sit quietly on the porch of our house  enjoying the murmur of the water and the wind, and forget about the rush... "

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"We can help you on your visit..."

"If you need it, we can guide you, so that your visits are as interesting as you want, indicating routes, establishments_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf5cf, for lunch or5 dinner adventure companies for your activities..."

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"We have a living room with a fireplace, for winter days, where you can read, play with your children, watch television or connect to the Wi-Fi network with your devices"

"Common area at your disposal"

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